‘Girl Meets World’ generates social TV buzz with premiere

By Natan Edelsburg 

Screen Shot 2014-07-06 at 8.00.13 PMBoy Meets World, a show about a boy and his friends coming of age, went off the air in the year 2000. Fourteen years later a sequel to the show on Disney, “Girl Meets World,” starring Danielle Fishel and Ben Savage as Cory and Topanga Matthews as married parents premiered recently. While social TV didn’t exist like it does today back when their coming of age show was a mega hit, the show was still able to generate an immense amount of social TV buzz. Fizziology provided Lost Remote with insights.

  • Social conversation shot up more than 1,000% the day of the premiere, seeing 95,215 mentions (compared to about 11,000 during the week pre-premiere).
  • Social conversation was 80% Positive, 7% Negative and 8% Mixed (the rest came from industry chatter). This was 4% less negative than our pre-premiere data.
  • Social volume in-episode for the premiere (including West Coast viewing) was 62,150. 
  • Conversation continued to come largely from 20- to 30-year-olds who watched the spin-off because of their loyalty to Boy Meets World. The audience was more female than pre-premiere; 72% of conversation came from women, more than the 66% split last week.
  • The most well-received aspects of the show in social were Feeny’s cameo and the introduction of Farkle, a character people are referring to as “the new Minkus.” While positives came from people who were excited about the pilot, very few explicitly stated that they would continue watching.
  • Negatives were almost exclusively from an older audience claiming that the show was “too Disney” or didn’t live up to Boy Meets World.

Reflecting this older audience’s participation in GMW social conversation, the top trends revolved around nostalgia and Boy Meets World characters. In order, top trends in social were (bold indicates characters from Girls Meets World only):

  • Feeny – 9% of the total conversation
  • Topanga/Danielle Fishel – 8%
  • Corey/Ben Savage – 7%
  • Boy Meets World – 6%
  • Shawn – 3%
  • Farkle – 3%
  • Nostalgia/Childhood References – 2%
  • Riley – 2%
  • Minkus – 1%
  • Mya – <1%