Gilbert Gottfried returns to TV after Twitter faux pas

By Natan Edelsburg 

Comedian Gilbert Gottfried received a huge amount of negative attention and lost a gig voicing the Aflac duck in their TV commercials after he made jokes on Twitter about Japan’s tsunami, shortly after the tragedy occurred. After about eight months out of the spotlight, Gottfried will be returning to television on an episode of Law & Order SVU, the New York Post reports.

Gottfried talked about the incident has not prevented him from using Twitter: “I still do [Twitter],” Gottfried said. “I’m waiting for it to kill my career for good.” He added, “I know about anyone dying or a disaster hitting some place because I get like a million twitters going: ‘Hey, come on. What’s taking you so long with a joke?'”

While Gottfried is a very familiar voice (hence why he became the Aflac duck), his television and film career hasn’t topped the occasional guest appearance in recent years. @RealGilbert has just over 145,000 followers and seems to be using his 140-character segments to be true to his often slapstick and hilarious comedy. His bio reads, “Mr. Gottfried served 8 years in prison for beating up an Eskimo.” Also, he seems to actually be the one doing the tweeting (most of his tweets come from and still pokes fun at the faux pas that brought him some Twitter fame.