GetGlue announces change to sticker program, fans react

By Natan Edelsburg 

On its blog last week, GetGlue (which was recently acquired by i.TV) introduced its new animated stickers. While these stickers are certainly an upgrade over their digital predecessors, the announcement came with this caveat. “As we open this door to a new, exciting future of stickers, it also means closing the door to our physical sticker program. We know that for many of you, this will be a bummer. But in time, we hope you’ll share our vision and excitement of things to come.” In the comment section – which has nearly 2,000 comments to date – loyal GetGlue users appear upset. There is even a petition well on its way to the 5,000 supporters needed.

Image from petititon.

Lost Remote reached out to GetGlue for comment and Brad Pelo, CEO of i.TV responded:

Some GetGlue users are upset by the change in the sticker program because it no longer includes a sticker-by-mail element.

We are mainly hearing complaints from physical sticker collectors, and we want them to know we hear them loud and clear. Their hard work and dedication to GetGlue’s physical sticker program is truly impressive, we are touched by their enthusiasm for it, and we really appreciate all the feedback they are sharing with us.

Moreover, many of us at i.TV are collectors, as well, so we can certainly relate to the disappointment of having the availability of something one is collecting change. 

We see these updated digital stickers as bringing stickers into the sharing era, since they are interactive and can be shared across social networks. Our users are always our highest priority, and we’ll have more to share there, in coming weeks.

After receiving Brad’s reply we followed up, asking whether all people who won stickers before the change will they get their physical stickers fulfilled and whether the individuals complaining have been reached out to personally.

Pelo’s response: 

The change to the sticker program was announced via the GetGlue blog and social media.

We will also send an email notification to those who have ordered stickers in the last three months, notifying them of the change. 

Yes, we sent physical stickers to all those who were supposed to receive them. Until the change to the sticker program was announced, some sticker orders were still being processed and sent to users. However, orders made prior to discontinuing physical copies of digital stickers cannot be guaranteed. 

We continue to respond to as many users as possible via GetGlue support and through social media channels. 

We will continue to track this story.