Gabrielle Union, Eva Longoria Team Up For Queer Wedding Comedy at Amazon Studios

By Rebecca Theodore-Vachon 

Gabrielle Union and Eva Longoria will put their comedic chops to the test in an upcoming project for Amazon Studios.

Union shared the news at a recent tastemaker screening of The Inspection.

When interviewed by Variety, Union said she and Longoria are developing a queer wedding comedy feature where they will play dueling soon-to-be mothers-in-law whose sons are getting married. “Eva and I try to take over their wedding planning and make it the wedding of our dreams versus theirs.”


The project is being written by Ricardo Gamboa and produced by Macro Film Studios, Union’s I’ll Have Another Productions and Longoria’s UnbeliEVAble Entertainment.

Union has been a vocal ally to the LGBTQ community and has starred and produced projects highlighting queer narratives. She co-stars in the Disney animated feature Strange World, where she and Jake Gyllenhaal are the parents of a gay teen (Jaboukie Young-White), which opens November 23.

In The Inspection (opening Nov. 18), Union stars as Inez French, who plays the mother of a queer young man (Jeremy Pope) striving for acceptance by enlisting in the Marines. The film is based on filmmaker’s Elegance Bratton’s real life experience.

Union is also collaborating with Emmy-winning actor Billy Porter in Got To Be, a road trip movie about three Rhode Island high school teens to journey to New York City for their first Pride Parade.