Free tools from Google for your election coverage

By Steve Safran 

You may not know it, but Google has tools you can use for your website’s coverage of the upcoming election. Columbia Journalism Review points us to the tools. They include:

  • Google Moderator, which Google says is “a tool for collecting ideas, questions, and recommendations from audiences of any size.”
  • YouTube Direct. Writes CJR: “The benefit of using “YouTube Direct” is that news sites can solicit videos from readers without having them ever have to leave the site to upload to YouTube.
  • Google Election Center: This is a terrific, wide-ranging tool. Writes Google: “Google Election Center helps you provide up-to-date election information to voters and create custom search tools for your website… The Election Center Data Manager will guide you through the process of uploading and validating your information. After receiving your information, Google will display election information to your voters through our Maps application.”

  • Check out all of these tools, and see which ones will best add to your coverage.