Fox News and Fox Business Are Now Everywhere

By Jordan Chariton 

FNC FBNFox News and Fox Business fans can now watch their favorite channels’ content everywhere.

FoxNewsGO and FoxBusinessGO debuted today allowing authenticated video subscribers of the networks to watch the live TV channels on mobile tablets, phones, and desktops at and, MultiChannel reports.

The Fox News app is available on iOS and Android-driven devices, while the FBN app is currently available on iOS with plans to launch later on Android. FoxBusinessGO can also be accessed through the FNC app. As such, verified users can access live streams of the networks from their websites, as well as computers, laptops, cellphones and devices. With the mobile bows of the news and business network, 21st Century Fox continues to broaden its TVE portfolio, as Fox Sports Go live-streams games and will begin proffering content from a dedicated Big East digital network on Sept. 25, and FXNow, which has been showcasing The Simpsons, the classic animated series that is now syndicated on FXX.

“We just wanted to get a product on portable devices and desktops that really created an experience much like the linear service,” EVP of distribution, Tim Carry, said.

The launch comes at an ideal time for the politics and business-focused channels. The midterms elections will be held on November 4, with interest in the 2016 election gathering steam soon after.