Fire TV, Alexa Provide Enhanced Thursday Night Football Experience on Prime Video

By Jessica Lerner 

With Thursday Night Football moving exclusively to Prime Video, Fire TV and Alexa are here to give fans the best viewing experience possible.

New Alexa features on Amazon’s streaming service include voice-enabled NFL team and player stats, which make it simpler to access crucial Thursday Night Football in-game moments and information simply by using your voice.

Viewers may now use their voice to access X-Ray features on Fire TV for the first time. These Prime Video features allow fans real-time access to live metrics and data that were previously only available to coaches and commentators. Simply ask Alexa to open X-Ray to view real-time stats while watching the game, such as a quarterback’s average time to throw or a wide receiver’s average yards of separation.


Fans can also ask Alexa in-game questions about the game they’re watching, and they’ll get a quick response without any interruptions or distractions.

On game days, viewers can ask Alexa to play Thursday Night Football on their Fire TV or Echo Show device by saying, “Alexa, play Thursday Night Football,” and they’ll be taken right into the live stream at the start of coverage.

When fans record games using Prime Video, they’ll have access to unlimited playback options, allowing them to watch their favorite teams play over and over again until 2023. All Thursday Night Football games for the season will be put to your Prime Video watchlist and will be automatically recorded if they simply ask Alexa to “add Thursday Night Football to my watchlist.”

And by asking, “Alexa, follow the [Seattle Seahawks]” on any Alexa-enabled device, Alexa will send viewers updates about viewers’ favorite team’s schedule, scores, and breaking news directly to their phone through the Alexa app, ensuring they never miss a beat.