FIFA Launches FIFA+ Streaming Service, Offering Live Soccer Matches From Around the World

By Jessica Lerner 

With 222 days until kickoff for FIFA World Cup Qatar, FIFA announced Tuesday that it has launched FIFA+, a digital platform designed to bring free soccer entertainment (or, as it’s known globally, football) to fans everywhere.

FIFA+ will offer live matches from around the world, as well as interactive games, news, tournament information and video content around the men’s and women’s matches.

“FIFA+ represents the next step in our vision to make football truly global and inclusive, and it underpins FIFA’s core mission of expanding and developing football globally,” FIFA President Gianni Infantino said in a statement. “This project represents a cultural shift in the way different types of football fans want to connect with and explore the global game and has been a fundamental part of my vision 2020-2023. It will accelerate the democratization of football and we are delighted to share it with fans.”


Over 29,000 men’s and over 11,000 women’s matches will be streamed on FIFA+ in 2022, totaling over 40,000 matches.

FIFA+ will also be home to every FIFA World Cup and FIFA Women’s World Cup match ever recorded on camera, totaling more than 2,000 hours of archival video, ahead of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

The digital platform will also feature full-length documentaries, docuseries, talk shows and shorts, bringing global storytelling around the men’s and women’s matches.

FIFA+ will be available on all web and mobile devices from the start, as well as a variety of linked gadgets in the future. It will be available in five languages–English, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish–with six more languages set to be released in June.