Feel the Tweet: The Shows That Sparked the Most Emotion

By Steve Safran 

We’re introducing a new weekly feature here at Lost Remote. We’re partnering with Canvs, the language analytics company, to let you know which shows generated the most emotional reactions across Twitter. This is different from just how many bulk tweets there were about a show—Canvs digs deeper and parses what tweets expressed an emotion. If the tweet expressed, say, excitement or love, Canvs breaks it out.

This gives us all a deeper understanding of the impact of the program. We get to see not just which shows are generating “buzz,” but what’s behind that. We’ll find out which show each week was the most “mindblowing.” We’ll see the range of emotions people felt while watching their shows and TV overall. Canvs calls these Emotional Reactions or ERs.

For the week of Sept. 11-17,  Canvs detected 1,162,026 Emotional Reactions. The main ERs across series were excited (7.7%), good (6.7%), and crazy (6.6%), with love leading the way at 23.0%. (And shouldn’t it, really?)

The Top 5 Shows Igniting the Most Emotional Reactions (ERs) on Twitter were:

1) American Horror Story: 6 (FX) — 14.9%

2) America’s Got Talent (NBC) — 7.2%

3) Dancing With The Stars (ABC) — 4.7%

4) Rob & Chyna (E!) — 4.7%

5) Big Brother (CBS) — 4.6%

The season six kickoff for American Horror Story had a 2,819% higher-than-average reaction volume compared to other prime-time programming. The Top Emotional Reactions (ERs) for American Horror Story were:

emotional reactions

(That 5.9% column is for mindblowing.)

Data from September 11 – 17, 2016