Fans react to the mid-season wrap up of Mad Men’s final season (spoiler alert)

By Natan Edelsburg 

Screen Shot 2014-06-01 at 10.51.22 PMMad Men wrapped up its mid-season finale last week with some major plot turns. AMC’s hit show is nearing its final end in 2015 but in the mean time, fans need to try and make sense of the cryptically weird, yet satisfying wrap up to the 2014 set of episodes. For this week’s partnership with Mashwork’s Canvs, they took a look at the episode to shed light on what active social TV fans thought.

According to Canvs, “Fans were happy with (if confused by) Bert Cooper’s send-off. Looking at reactions during the ten minutes surrounding the final song and dance scene 65% of people reacted with “great,” “love,” “best,” or “good.” 25% said WTF, clearly confused by the seeming break in Mad Men’s storytelling style.” They added that, “Of the 6% who said something sucked during that time frame, most of them were talking about Cutler, Joan, or having to wait until 2015 for new episodes.” Here are more insights and an infographic giving a deep look at the emotional reactions to the episode.

-The audience who reacted to Mad Men is significantly older than most social TV audiences. While the 19 and under crowd usually dominates the conversation, The over 30 crowd comprised more than 30% of reactions to Mad Men.
-Along the same lines, this is more affluent audience than normal. This is the first time we’ve seen an audience more likely to pull in over $100,00 than the Twitter average. Granted, they’re only about 1% more likely to make over $100,000, but that’s still an attractive stat for advertisers.
– Joan was the most mentioned character in the “sucked” cluster, and 40% of all conversation about her fell into either “sucked” or “wtf.” Her focus on the bottom-line over her relationship with Don alienated a lot of viewers.