Fans Are Already Squealing About ‘The Bachelor’ Premiere Tonight

By Karen Fratti 

bachelorThere are two types of people in the world of social television. Those who are waiting anxiously for #TGIT to return and people who watch “The Bachelor.”

The reality contest premieres tonight and from the looks of it on social media, women everywhere are chilling Pinot Grigio and prepping their best “smiley face with tears” and “rose” emoji combinations. I can’t wait to see if the premiere takes out “Monday Night Raw” in the Nielsen social ratings tomorrow because, well, because I can’t think of a better Twitter fight.

This season, fans can watch on ABC or stream it live in most markets. As the season progresses, there’s the Kiss Leaderboard to track who’s winning this poor farmer’s heart and say mean things about the contestants. It’s just wholesome, empowering entertainment all around. You can follow the fun at #PrinceFarming, since this year’s bachelor is from Iowa.


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