Exclusive: Fitbit Drives Amazing Race Challenge Tonight

By Karen Fratti Comment

Tonight’s episode of The Amazing Race will be dictated by the Fitbits on the contestants’ wrists. CBS has long been tracking contestants on its reality shows, and Fitbit Charge activity data has been referenced all season on a leader board, but tonight there’s full on integration with the challenge. Fans saw it coming:

Last year, CBS used Fitbit Flex on Big Brother to track housemates activity. But tonight they’ll be using clues to move the episode along. It’s a new way to present a challenge on the already popular, and social, show. And Fitbit gets to show off. Contestants are also up to win a Fitness Wellness or Fitness kit, which include one of each Fitbit product, personal chefs, and laptops to track progress. The fact that they’ve been wearing them all season has been impressing marketing pros and fans, and even the haters have been seduced into wanting one:

I can’t imagine a better product placement than having Amazing Race racers wearing Fitbits. Well done Fitbit PR people. — Amadi (@amaditalks) February 26, 2015Let’s just hope the Fitbits are still working for the challenge tonight: