Exclusive: Arktan partners with Turner around SocialStreams

By Natan Edelsburg 

The Menlo Park, California-based Arktan is announcing a new partnership with Turner around its flagship product, SocialStreams that the company has executed for USA Networks, X-Factor, Showtime, WWE, ABC and more. CEO Rahul Aggarwal is speaking at the Social TV Summit on a panel right now (here’s our live stream).

According to the company, their SocialStreams product “helps build brand loyalty, boosts site traffic and provides increased revenue opportunities from advertising, TV ratings and product sales.” We’re seeing fewer consumer-facing social TV startups and more industry-facing service providers like Arktan at the Summit. The company’s big announcement focuses on how they will be working with Turner for the TNT drama Falling Skies. Here’s what Rahul is announcing, according to the company:

The curated Social Hub for Falling Skies curates cast and fan conversations from Twitter, Facebook and GetGlue. And also allows fans to participate in real-time conversations. It is the first experiences in the industry to curate highly relevant conversation from GetGlue in a white label social TV hub. Here’s a screen grab of the experience:


These real-time after shows are being used by TNT to engage fans after the show. They include Falling Skies “2nd Watch,” an online after show about Falling Skies hosted by Wil Wheaton, and “Dallas Roundup,” an online after show about Dallas hosted by Cameron Mathison. The after shows feature interviews with the cast and producers about the show you just watched. These after shows are seeing tens of thousands of users on the page in a matter of a few minutes and employ Arktan SocialStreams for real-time fan conversation.

Arktan’s success continues not just a trend of networks embracing white label solutions for social TV needs, but for the “Connect”-type social TV curators and destinations that we’ve seen networks launch and bring to real life.