‘Empire’ Finale Breaks Twitter

By Karen Fratti 

And they say appointment viewing is dead. The two hour finale of “Empire” was huge. According to Nielsen, the finale scored a 6.4 rating and 16.5 million viewers, which means the show’s ratings went up 11% since last week. From Slate:

As it is, Empire is literally doing Super Bowl–size ratings among African-American audiences. In some black demos, it’s making the Super Bowl look like a high-school football game: Nielsen says that nearly 53 percent of African-American women ages 35–49 who have TV sets watched the March 4 episode of the show. By contrast, “only” 4.3 percent of white women in that same age group saw the show—and just under 3 percent of similarly aged men watched. Now, it’s worth noting that those ratings for white viewers still qualify Empire as a hit; they’re bigger than anything that aired on TV this past Monday.

Early reports are that the finale drove 2.4 million tweets. Here are some of the best reactions to the frenzy:



Now we all have to wait a year for the next one. What will we do on Wednesdays?