Elite Daily Partners With Interlude for Interactive Shows

By Steve Safran 

eJfEwL9TElite Daily, the popular web platform, has partnered with interactive media and technology company Interlude to create immersive shows aimed at the millennial audience. The shows will look to engage the audience in different ways, each with a unique twist.

According to Elite Daily:

One of the first to launch is Zodiac Speed Dating, an interactive series which allows users to find what romantic partners suit them best based on their astrological signs and compatible personality traits. The other is Then/Now, a series in which viewers are introduced to a couple breaking up, and are then invited to explore each episode to see how the separated couple interprets memories from the relationship in different ways, and how those different interpretations impact the present.

Elite Daily, which bills itself as “The Voice of Generation Y,” has been around since 2012, building its popularity with highly-shared social media content. It was purchased last year by the parent company of The Daily Mail for $50 million.

Interlude owns Eko, a proprietary storytelling platform. Think of Eko shows as more sophisticated versions of the “Choose Your Own Adventure” books you used to read. In addition to being able to choose different paths through stories, you can make some pretty cool music mashups on the fly. Interlude has some big-name investors, including Sony, MGM, Warner Music Group, Intel Capital and Samsung.