EA Sports, Xbox Drive Engagement

By Karen Fratti 

EA Sports scored big this week with an ad promoting the latest edition of their popular FIFA video game series, ranking first with over 3.6 million online views and 44, 248 social actions was “Play Beautiful” featuring popular athletes Kobe Bryant, Alex Morgan, and Pele.

Video games further dominated the list with Activision’s “Destiny: The Taken King: Evil’s Most Wanted” ad clocking the third spot with 5.6 million online views. The Apple iPhone 6s TV spot “The Only Thing That’s Changed Is…” managed to break up the pair, generating over 1.3 million online views and 48, 975 social actions. Meanwhile, XBox One rounded out the list in the tenth spot with their Forza Motorsport 6 spot, “Legacy,” which further proved video games were the mode of the week.

Top 10 Ads by Digital Share of Voice

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1. FIFA 16: Play Beautiful

3.89% Digital SOV  3,602,884 Online Views  44,248 Social Actions

2. The Only Thing That’s Changed Is…

3.29% Digital SOV  1,297,412 Online Views  48,975 Social Actions

3. Destiny: The Taken King: Evil’s Most Wanted

2.64% Digital SOV  5,579,218 Online Views  9,243 Social Actions

4. Amish Buggy

1.51% Digital SOV  225,898 Online Views  24,671 Social Actions

5. The New Fragrance

1.39% Digital SOV  1,619,393 Online Views  13,668 Social Actions

6. It’s Not a Phone, It’s a Galaxy: Wireless Charging

1.02% Digital SOV  1,927,266 Online Views  4,356 Social Actions

7. Party

0.85% Digital SOV  1,526,555 Online Views  4,753 Social Actions

8. Paper

0.83% Digital SOV  544,786 Online Views  10,874 Social Actions


0.67% Digital SOV  481,344 Online Views  8,595 Social Actions

10. Forza Motorsport 6: Legacy

0.61% Digital SOV  1,247,858 Online Views  2,413 Social Actions

Excludes Movie Trailers.

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