Cribs Is Coming to Snapchat

By Karen Fratti 

Cribs, for all you old people, is officially getting a Gen Y makeover as MTV is releasing the series on Snapchat in June on a weekly basis. Mac Miller, Austin Mahone, and Travis Mills are already scheduled to show off their homes, their fridge, or whatever else they have in their closets. Probably loads of sneakers.

If you think about it, Cribs was always just some celebrities talking to a camera as they walked through their digs and it seems like the show could definitely work on the platform. MTV has been all over Snapchat Stories, with the channel featuring daily content from MTV News and highlights from the channel’s programming. They also do a #TBT series were they bring out “vault footage” for users.

They’re also producing a new 8-episode series called Pants Off in May on the mobile platform. Once it debuts on the social network, the series will also be available across platforms. Laci Green, who hosts Braless for the network, will have episodes about ‘First Crushes,’ ‘Bad Sex Advice,’ and ‘Navigating Dating Apps,’ according to an official statement.

But really, who doesn’t want more Cribs in their life?