‘Cosmos’ Sequel Creating Space Buzz on Social

By Jordan Chariton 

CosmosOver three decades after the original “Cosmos: A Personal Voyage” brought viewers on a space adventure, there is an outer space sequel causing buzz on social.

“Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey” starring astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson and produced by Seth MacFarlane premieres Sunday night at 9pmET on Fox, and hopes to spread the Carl Sagan classic to a much wider audience.

“COSMOS: A SPACETIME ODYSSY is a truly powerful series that has the potential to inspire a new generation to take an interest in science and the world around us,” Fox Broadcasting Company EVP of Marketing and Communications Shannon Ryan tells Lost Remote.

At Tuesday night’s premiere event at Los Angeles’ Griffith Observatory—where the original COSMOS premiered almost 35 years ago—a satellite feed fed the first episode to planeteria, museums, and theatres around the the country. There was also a live stream featuring a Q & A with host deGrasse Tyson, MacFarlane, and other producers streamed to 10 cities in America.

“Social was a huge driver for the event and we received so many interesting questions from fans around the globe on Twitter and Facebook,” Ryan added. “#COSMOSlive ended up trending worldwide and it was energizing to see how passionate people are about the show, science, space and the larger world from which we come.”

Lost Remote will be on the lookout for social activity during Sunday night’s premiere.