Conan O’Brien, LinkedIn Influencer, Posts Statement on Charlie Hebdo Tragedy

By Adam Flomenbaum 

conan-charlieNo one does slapstick like Conan O’Brien, but Conan has also displayed on many occasions the ability to be serious and poignant. Last week, following the Charlie Hebdo tragedy in France, Conan took a minute on his show to reflect on what happened.

Of the late night hosts – who are each experts on social – Conan is the only one that is a a LinkedIn Influencer. He has used the platform to dole out letter of recommendations and to answer the question, “Why I, Conan O’Brien, Turned Down The Microsoft CEO Job.”

Conan hasn’t posted as an Influencer in nearly a year, but last week he posted the statement he read on air about Charlie Hebdo. As of yesterday, the post received more than 60,000 views, 1,500 likes, and 300 comments.

There are limited uses for LinkedIn as a social TV platform, but as a professional comedian, Conan was able to use his status as an influencer to address other professional comedians and satirists.