Comcast to bring Skype video calls to TV

By Cory Bergman 

While an increasing number of TV manufacturers build Skype technology into their sets — some with video cameras, too — Comcast has announced it’s planning to roll out a Skype-powered video calling service for its cable subscribers.

Comcast-Skype users will be able to call (video or audio) or text while they watch a TV show. The same goes for the Xfinity iPad and iPhone apps, which already act as remote controls and second-screen viewing devices. Comcast also said the service would automatically tie to Facebook to find friends on Skype.

“This service will be delivered on the Comcast customer’s HDTV through an adaptor box, a high-quality video camera, and a specially designed remote control that enables customers to text on Skype as well as control their television,” explains a press release. No word yet on pricing or bundling. Comcast will rent the adaptor boxes.


Skype is a natural addition for Comcast, although it’s a little more “tacked on” than TV manufacturers and soon, Xbox. After Microsoft’s acquisition of Skype in May, the company said it was planning to integrate video calling into Xbox, which already has a camera attachment in Kinect.