Live ESPN programming comes to Xfinity app

By Natan Edelsburg 

With the NBA playoffs underway, the MLB season heating up and the summer nearing, Comcast and Disney have announced that live ESPN will be available to Xfinity subscribers via the WatchESPN app. The streaming will work on iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch devices as well, according to their release.

This is a big step for the idea of TV Everywhere and a step that still forces Xfinity customers to subscribe to linear TV. The live content will also be available via and soon via their apps. We spoke with Comcast and ESPN about the new offering for Comcast’s over 40 million subscribers.

We asked Amy Phillips, the Senior Director of Communications at ESPN if there will be advertising within the offer. “We initially stripped out ads but are introducing more and more advertising into streams,” she explained. “Our ultimate goal is to take advantage of the flexibility and interactivity of the platform and we’re working with advertisers and agencies to explore those opportunities.” Right now there aren’t any social features.

Comcast spokesperson Alana Davis told Lost Remote that, “the launch of WatchESPN is part of the long-term, comprehensive distribution agreement announced with Disney in January, and allows the company to continue to bring its vision of TV Everywhere to Xfinity customers whether at home or on the go and across any viewing experience.” We’re excited to watch this grow and see them introduce more social TV elements into the new TV Everywhere push since of course, social is everywhere too.