Clone drama drove Orphan Black season finale (spoiler alert)

By Natan Edelsburg 

Screen Shot 2014-06-29 at 10.32.40 PMIn this week’s analysis with Canvs we took a look at the uber popular Orphan Black season finale on BBC America. As the highly anticipated season two came to an end it became obvious that clone drama drove Orphan Black season finale. This is also the first time Canvs leveraged their new season recap view to provide analysis. Here are the details. 

Here are insights from Canvs followed by the infographic:

  • The top emotional moments we identified, besides the shocking final twist, saw fans expressing reactions to the clones themselves.
  • Rachel’s behavior was called “wrong” when she kept Kira from Sarah.
  • Fans were most afraid when it appeared Cosima might be dead.
  • And people really liked the clone dance scene.
  • We used our new season recap view in Canvs to look at how feelings for each clone trended over the course of the season.
  • In a complete 180 from her clone-killing season one MO, Helena became the clear fan favorite in season 2 because of her dedication to her “seestra.”  In the first episode Helena garnered only 5% of love related clone conversation, and by episode 6, her share of love topped out at 78%.
  • Alison was the second most-loved clone, especially in the first three episodes where her storyline took front and center.
  • Cosima saw the third most love, driven episode 8 where she bonded with her coworkers and Delphine.
  • Sarah came in fourth. Though she didn’t win any episodes, love for her was constant.
  • Not surprisingly, the icy Rachel was the least loved clone, and the only love to see no love in two episodes.