Canvs Infographic: One Fourth of All Super Bowl Tweets Were Emotional Reactions

By Adam Flomenbaum 

The Super Bowl drove record-breaking social numbers for both Facebook and Twitter on Sunday. Twitter generally measures tweets from 30 minutes before a show until 30 minutes after. With this window, there were 28.4 million tweets sent about the game. But with the window expanded to three hours before the game through three hours after, 36 million tweets were sent.

According to our analytics partners Canvs – the first completely syndicated qualitative social TV platform – 6.3 million of the 25 million Super Bowl tweets they recorded were emotional reactions. The top moment was Malcolm Butler’s game-ending interception, which drove 269,778 reactions, 35% of which featured the word “hate.” Katy Perry’s halftime performance drove 725,034 reactions, nearly twice as many as Tom Brady, the game’s most mentioned player (and the game’s MVP).

Below, additional analysis from Sheila Seles, Product Services and Marketing Lead at Canvs, followed by an infographic:


 The top moments from the game were fairly straightforward, so we really had a lot of fun analyzing the ads. The funniest ads came from a variety of categories. The FIAT ad had 27% funny reactions out of nearly 30,000 total reactions. Liam Neeson’s Clash of Clans commercial had 26% funny reactions, putting it second in share-of-funny.  Finally, the Doritos “Middle Seat” spot earned a 21% funny to round out the top three.