BuzzFeed News Goes Live on Twitter for Election

By Steve Safran 


If you’re looking for a different take on Election Night, BuzzFeed may have the coverage for you. It’s teaming up with Twitter to present five and a half hours of live, streaming news from its headquarters in New York City, where it’s also hosting a viewing party. The show starts at 6 p.m. ET.

To set itself apart from the pack, it’s going about calling the election using a different methodology than the conventional networks use:


(W)e’re going to be transparent about expectations and will start the night off with the predetermined count of Hillary Clinton with 175 electoral college votes, and Donald Trump with 78, based on the 26 safest states. To that point, we’re working with Decision Desk HQ, a new grassroots media company that will have more than 200 volunteers around the country gathering data directly from state and local election officials.

BuzzFeed News will also “cover the coverage” of the election. It’s going to report on how the other media are covering the vote and what people are saying on Twitter.

To catch BuzzFeed News Election Night Live, you can go to your mobile Twitter app, or BuzzFeed also says it will be on “a number of third-party platforms,” but doesn’t say which.