BroadcastAsia: Twitter’s Director of Media in Australia on social TV

By Natan Edelsburg 

IMG_3155 copyLost Remote recently attended Broadcast Asia in Singapore for the second year in a row. The event is the region’s largest TV conference and has grown their content on social TV. One of the highlights was Twitter’s Director of Media (based in Australia) Danny Keens‘ presentation on “Bringing the Power of Twitter to TV.” Here are the details.

“Twitter and TV combined becomes a really, really super powerful too, that’s because Twitter has become the default second screen for television,” Keens told the audience.

Keens shed light on two  Twitter examples that show how social TV can actually control your television and encourage tune in.


#Record – the ability to tweet about a show to record it to your DVR.

World Cup – From Australia’s SBS, the ability to tweet at @SBSTV to get a link that lets you add the times of games to your calendar so you know when to tune in.


Keens also discussed the following:

  • How the Twitter’s “See It” button is closing the gap between chatter and tune-in? How many of the people talking about you, are actually watching your shows?
  • How networks are creating social media buzz, promote tune-in, and boost ratings by inviting viewers to participate on Twitter using on-air hashtags and promos
  • How content owners can attract new viewers and spread the word of an upcoming premier of a new season by using unique hashtags and leveraging your existing fan base?
  • How you can engage your viewers on a new level during broadcast with real-time-polling, live-tweets, cast Q&A, and more
  • How Twitter is changing the advertising game completely by promoting content directly into your viewer’s newsfeed

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