Bravo’s Pets Get ‘Unleashed’ on New Site

By Steve Safran 


Pet lovers, this one’s for you. Bravo Media has just launched Unleashed, a site and social media effort that highlights Bravo stars’ pets and other pets as well. They emailed us the scoop:

From LOL-worthy photo galleries to tail-wagging listicles to the eye-popping ways to pamper pets, Unleashed will have features for every kind of animal lover.

It’s kind of like what Buzzfeed for Pets might look like. And while it’s not hard-hitting, it’s less over-the-top than you might think and a fun site for people who like pets. Kristyn Pomranz is running it – she was previously the managing editor of, and brings that irreverence and pet adoration to Bravo.

Right now, you’ll find stories like how one of the Real Housewives of New Jersey is sharing her passion for rescue dogs. There’s a video showing a seriously confused corgi pup chasing his leash. This is the break you need.

Unleashed carries over to social media as well. It has a robust presence on Facebook.

And yes, there are cat videos.

Unleashed is a fun site that should appeal to folks looking for a quick break and a good laugh. It’s not CNN, but we can all use a break from that about now, right?

Unleashed can be found at