Super Bowl smashes social TV records

By Cory Bergman 

Updated: Last night’s game, halftime show, commercials and power outage combined to make it the most social event on television to date, according to data from Bluefin Labs and Trendrr. The Super Bowl tallied up 30.6M social media comments (Twitter, public Facebook data and GetGlue checkins), 2.5 times last year’s social activity of 12.2 million.

For context, election night — across all the networks — generated 28.3M social media comments. The 2012 Grammy Awards, which was the previous record for a single network event, talled 13.0M comments.

The broadcast earned a 46.3/69 rating, making it the second highest-rated Super Bowl in 27 years.

Beyonce’s halftime show outshined the power outage that followed, according to Twitter’s numbers. The conclusion of the show peaked at 268,000 tweets per minute with the Destiny’s Child reunion close behind at 257,500. The power outage’s high mark was 231,500. As far as the actual game, Jacoby Jones’ 108-yard kickoff return hit 185,000 tweets per minute.

Bluefin Labs even said the peak of Beyonce’s show (366K comments per minute) beat the moment Barack Obama was re-elected (261K comments per minute).

Of course, the Super Bowl beat previous games in total tweets: 24.1 million, not counting tweets about the commercials. By the beginning of the second half, the volume of tweets had already surpassed last year’s tweet total, Twitter said in a blog post.

The volume of social commenting from mobile shot up 88% over last year compared to 12% for desktop, according to Trendrr data. Apple’s iPhone was the most popular second-screen mobile platform at 60% compared to 28% for Android. Interestingly, iPad only registered at 4%.

Commercials beefed up their social integration (above) with 38% featured a hashtag, up from 7% last year, according to the Altimeter Group. Only 7% of ads plugged Facebook and 2% for Shazam. Only 25% of commercials did not include integrate an interactive element.

Brand Bowl 2013 named Volkswagen the winner of this year’s Super Bowl spots with their “Get In. Get Happy” commercial that drove 86,614 tweets with close to 70% being positive. Other winners included Bud Light’s “Lucky Chair” commercial and Taco Bell’s “Viva Young” spot, which was considered most loved.

Networked Insights discovered that GoDaddy’s “Perfect Match” spot — that kiss — drove the most conversation, but sentiment was clearly negative: -11% net sentiment. Tide’s “Miracle Stain” had the most positive viewer reaction (59% net sentiment). Amy Poehler (Best Buy) was the most positively talked about appearance by a celebrity in a commercial.

TiVo’s data (above) found that Taco Bell’s “Viva Young” commercial — a common winner across different measurement platforms — resonated the most, followed by Doritos “Goat For Sale” and Hyundai Santa Fe “Pick Your Team.” TiVo measures whether viewers skip over — or skip back and watch — commercials in real time.

With commercial hashtags, #Clydesdales (Budweiser) was the most popular followed by #Doritos, #CrackInStyle (Wonderful Pistachios), #CalvinKlein and #GodMadeAFarmer (Ram), accorded to Networked Insights.

We’ll update this post as we receive more social metrics about the Super Bowl.

Here’s an infographic provided by Bluefin Labs: