Beamly Beats Twitter At Eurovision 2015

By Karen Fratti 

eurovisionIt turns out Twitter has a competitor across the pond. Beamly, a social and content platform specifically for television, announced today that there were more engagements on its platform than Twitter during Eurovision 2015. Twitter had around 6 million votes during the Grand Finale, while Beamly drove 9,077,194 votes for the winner.

Juliette Otterburn-Hall, Chief Content Officer at Beamly said in a statement that:
This staggering level of engagement demonstrates growing appetite from the public to be part of an immersive, community-led platform around TV. This goes far beyond what’s possible with traditional social networks. Not only are today’s viewers looking for deeper engagement around their favorite shows, they want the same experience for mainstream TV events like Eurovision too.
It was more of an experience than on Twitter, which is the whole point of the platform. There was a live chat, a place to share clips and media, and Beamly held a “Votely,” where viewers cast opinions on their favorite countries and singers. Last month, it did the same during for a BBC One Leader’s Debate which drove 15 votes per second. For the East Enders live-show drove

2,237,723 votes cast in two days, which is about 13 per second.
Twitter is a destination for anyone watching their favorite show, but it’s clear it’s not the only player. By creating an experience for viewers, and giving them options — like a live chat, or a poll — sounds like more fun for super fans. It’s obviously not a place for the casual viewer, but it’s growing. They have ten million active monthly users worldwide, so advertisers should start to notice.