Back to School Ads Are Already Here

By Karen Fratti 

Each week, brings Lost Remote their rankings of the top ads according to digital share of voice, tracking online views and social actions connected to each ad. Here’s the top ten for this week. 

Old Spice takes the top spot and the third spot this week with two of their spots. Red Lobster, Walmart and Verizon round out the rankings.

Top 10 Ads by Digital Share of Voice

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1. Old Spice: Smell Em: Standoff

7.60% Digital SOV  2,150,861 Online Views  2,929 Social Actions

2. Red Lobster: Seize the Day

6.58% Digital SOV  3,106,099 Online Views  69,631 Social Actions

3. Old Spice: Smell Em: Five-Year Plan

2.43% Digital SOV  1,417,852 Online Views  5,917 Social Actions

4. Kia: Hamsters: Share Some Soul

2.21% Digital SOV  1,606,026 Online Views  3,641 Social Actions

5. Mazda: Driving Matters: Crafted

1.93% Digital SOV  1,948,783 Online Views  447 Social Actions

6. Ram Trucks: Longest-Lasting Pickups

1.00% Digital SOV  2,129,556 Online Views  61 Social Actions

7. Verizon: Not Studying

0.93% Digital SOV  850,758 Online Views  3,488 Social Actions

8. Volvo: Wedding

0.91% Digital SOV  16,683 Online Views  1,873 Social Actions

9. Walmart: What Lawyers Use

0.75% Digital SOV  903,699 Online Views  2,653 Social Actions

10. Verizon: Play It Again With Selena Gomez

0.73% Digital SOV  591,314 Online Views  2,281 Social Actions

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