AT&T May Rebundle HBO Max for New Customers

By Jessica Lerner 

Can AT&T rebundle HBO Max for new customers? It’s certainly a possibility, according to AT&T CEO John Stankey.

“Entertainment as part of a wireless bundle is probably something that’s going to be around with us in this industry for a good period of time because I think certain customers resonate with it. And HBO Max is a great product,” Stankey told analysts during a morning call Thursday, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

HBO Max was no longer a bundled benefit for new customers to AT&T’s top unlimited wireless plan after AT&T sold WarnerMedia to Discovery.


Prior to the launch of HBO Max, the carrier offered HBO for free on its top-tier mobile plans dating back to 2017. The streaming service was previously free with the AT&T Unlimited Elite cellphone plan.

However, AT&T may rethink once again providing new unlimited wireless customers with a free HBO Max subscription.

“We like the fact that we’re kind of viewed as being the place to come to get [HBO Max] and when it’s right for us to put that up in the front line to do that, we’ll continue to do that,” Stankey said.