An inside look at how La Voz Kids created a real-time ad during a broadcast

By Natan Edelsburg 

During a recent telecast of La Voz Kids (The Voice Kids), the hosts of the show told viewers during a commercial break that if they wanted the chance to be on TV to go to the La Voz Fresh Kids app, submit a photo of themselves, and watch until the end of the show. After the cut-off period for the entries, ePrize randomly selected a winner, which Telemundo verified using’s moderation tools. then took the winning photo and placed it in the final TV spot, which was sent to Telemundo. The Gain-sponsored ad was then played during the final segment of the broadcast.

We spoke with Bohb Blair, SVP Experience Creation at Starcom MediaVest Group, the company that worked with and Gain to pull this off. “Technology innovation tends to be a forward part of what we do, we do a lot of work on P&G, testing interactions of two channels, or to try some new format,” Blair told Lost Remote. “We get the opportunity to come up with non-traditional ideas on non-traditional metrics,” he explained further. “It allowed a concurrent experience for everyone who had their second screen screen.”

“There is no inherent reason why broadcast ad spots have to be static, boring, repetitive. There is no inherent reason why viewers shouldn’t be able to influence spots in real or near-real time, and no reason why brands can’t reach back from a dynamic ad spot to activate and engage individual viewers,” said Lars Lauritzsen, CEO of The technology is here, all it takes is gutsy partners. In this case Proctor & Gamble, Starcom MediaVest and Telemundo. We believe this is the future. The broadcast ad spot is ready for a major paradigm shift, and we plan to power the resulting new category.”

Following the commercial, Procter & Gamble, the parent company of Gain, saw an 88% uplift in purchase intention and a 75% lift in brand affinity for the laundry brand. Commercials created during broadcasts – with the necessary help of social media – are beginning to appear more regularly. In September, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon partnered with Lexus to create a real-time ad. Fallon asked viewers to submit suggestions in real-time using a hashtag, which would later be performed by an improv group during the show.