An Indiana Jones TV Series Reportedly In Discussions at Disney+

By Jessica Lerner 

We may not have to say goodbye to Indiana Jones after all.

While the untitled fifth Indiana Jones film is set to be Harrison Ford’s last appearance as the titular archeology professor, Variety reports Disney could potentially develop an Indiana Jones TV series for Disney+.

Disney and Lucasfilm have discussed the possibility of a streaming series set in the Indiana Jones Universe, though plot details remain limited at this time as the two parties search for writers, the news outlet states.


Given this, it is unclear whether a TV series would act as a prequel or spinoff from the iconic film franchise, or if it would connect to the impending fifth film, set to be released in 2023, in a way similar to how Disney has connected its Marvel shows on Disney+ to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

A TV series isn’t the only option being explored, as Disney is also considering other ways to keep the franchise alive, which could mean new films and other content, along with a TV series, according to Variety.

If a TV series does come to fruition, it would not be the first time Indiana Jones has been made for the small screen. The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles aired on ABC for two seasons in the early 1990’s, along with four made-for-TV specials airing on The Family Channel from 1994-1996. The series explored the early years of the character, predominately played by Sean Patrick Flanery and Corey Carrier as the title character. George Hall played an elderly Jones, bookending each episode. Ford made one appearance in the series.

Ford has played Indiana Jones decades, appearing in all four blockbuster films to date, which have grossed almost $1.3 billion globally.