Al Jazeera America Debuts New Mobile App

By Adam Flomenbaum 

Al_Jazeera_logo-copy-copyWith yesterday’s release of an iPhone and Android app, Al Jazeera America continues its push to become a go-to domestic and international news source for American audiences.

The new app will focus on written content, and will complement its online presence more than its linear TV network. It includes full versions of its online stories in a mobile-optimized format, and also features an audio mode that will enable users to listen to stories during walks or commutes.

“The Al Jazeera America Mobile App is an easy and convenient way to get the most important news of the day and access great AJAM journalism anywhere, at any time,” said Angela Morgenstern, Executive Vice President, Product and Innovation. “With Audio mode readers become listeners and go hands-free from headlines to the full article.”By no means a traditional second screen app, the app also includes Al Jazeera America’s broadcast schedule, a local channel finder, and each article can easily be shared via Twitter and Facebook.


The app also contains a “Behind the Story” feature which allows readers to understand the context surrounding news stories and why they’re important. It will be interesting to see if future updates to the app include the ability to synch to linear telecasts. Such a feature would allow Al Jazeera America to pair relevant and contextual online content with what is being discussed on-air.

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