A&E launches social competition to make fans part of Duck Dynasty’s marketing

By Natan Edelsburg 

The wildly popular Duck Dynasty, A&E’s reality show about the Robertsons,  “the family that runs the duck call fabrication business,” is bringing fans into their mix in the biggest way yet. The initiative, “Camo Cameo” will give viewers the opportunity to submit their Duck Dynasty fan art via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, using #CamoCameo. The fan that gets the most votes on their submission will actually earn a walk-on role in a Duck Dynasty TV commercial with the Robertsons, which will premiere later this year. We interviewed  Lori Peterzell, VP Brand Strategy & Consumer Marketing at A&E about the exciting new initiative.

Lost Remote: Why did A&E decide to launch this initiative?
Lori Peterzell: Over the past 3 seasons our social media pages have been populated with an astounding number of fan photos and fan art expressing their love for Duck Dynasty and The Robertson family. A&E decided to launch this initiative to showcase the creativity of our fans and to reward them with the ultimate fan experience: a walk-on role in a Duck Dynasty Season 4 promo spot. We’re constantly looking for new and interesting ways to nurture our fan base and to populate our social pages with fan created content.


LR: How does it work and what partners are you working with?
LP: Fans are invited to visit Facebook.com/DuckDynasty, visit the Camo Cameo tab and upload a single photo that represents their love for Duck Dynasty. Additionally, they can enter on Instagram or Twitter by hashtagging their photos with #CamoCameo. We’re using an Offerpop tab to showcase the entries in a single Facebook tab that will allow the community to view and vote on their favorite fan photo. The top 10 user voted photos will receive a Duck Dynasty prize and advance to the finals. In the final round we’ll unveil the top 10 and encourage fans to vote for their favorite. The winner will receive a walk on role in a Duck Dynasty Season 4 promo spot. In terms of fan acquisition, the contest will be like-gated and we’ll be including links to the Duck Dynasty Instagram & Twitter accounts.

LR: What types of results are you expecting?
LP: We’re hoping to excite our fans and inspire new fans to express their creativity around Duck Dynasty. We have seen camo and Duck themed cakes, nail art, prom photos, dioramas, children’s parties, bearded babies among the infinite expressions of love for the show and we are thrilled to see what our fans develop when incentivized. The possibilities are limitless!

LR: Anything else?
LP: Duck Dynasty has become a pop culture phenomena and we think it’s fair to say that our fans and their creations helped to fuel this and it doesn’t go unrecognized.