adds second screen loyalty program via Tango Card

By Cory Bergman 

Fresh off new partnerships with FOX and Oxygen, the second screen platform is rolling out a loyalty program aimed at rewarding TV viewers. Powered by Tango Card, a virtual currency that can be redeemed for gift cards, ACTV8 says it will provide “real rewards” to encourage TV viewers to watch shows and engage with the app during the broadcast — and the commercial breaks. Rewards span Amazon, Fandango, The Gap, Target, Nike, Starbucks and more.

ACTV8’s push into rewards follows the rise of Viggle, a loyalty app that rewards viewers for checking into shows and participating on their second screens. Viggle has reported high engagement levels, and likewise ACTV8 says its average app user is interacting “10 times per episode and accepting over 2 offers per show episode.” ACTV8 says it has tested marketing campaigns with Walgreens, General Motors and Kraft.

Gift cards, mobile coupons and other virtual currency are a new twist on an old problem: how to scale interactive TV with tangible incentives for users to interact with advertisers. These loyalty programs along with “tag this commercial” efforts (like Shazam and IntoNow) are one of the hottest growth areas in social TV today. For the first time, we’re beginning to see the promise of interactive TV in small bursts with big potential. If advertisers can generate leads through the second screen at scale — and capture a wealth of data — the sky’s the limit for new revenue generation.

“As media consumption habits change dramatically, and its partners are poised to bring new value to the networks, the advertisers, and most importantly the consumer,” explains Founder and CEO Brian Shuster. Adds David Leeds, Founder and CEO of Tango Card, “We are thrilled to be working alongside ACTV8 to usher in this new era of interactive TV.”

Earlier this month, ACTV8 launched an app for FOX’s New Girl, with plans to build several more for the networks’ shows. It also launched a Celebrity Apprentice app as part of a larger deal with Mark Burnett.