50% of Viewers Say Good Ads Convince Them to Watch

By Karen Fratti 

TWDAccording to a new report from Yidio, a free discovery app for television and film, “cable is still king.” Say what? Really, they found that 87 percent of their survey respondents still subscribe to cable or satellite television.

It’s mainly about FOMO. People have a fear of missing out, apparently. About 82 percent of consumers said that they actually watch a show the night it airs because they always have or they’re scared of spoilers.

That plays into the fact that fall television is a big reason Yidio’s respondents aren’t cutting the cord completely just yet. According to the platform, Empire, The Walking Dead, and Power were big players this year. They found that 79 percent of consumers watched at least one new show this fall. Just 25 percent of them watched four new shows. The good news? Tune in campaigns are working, kind of.


Their research showed that approximately 50 percent of viewers tuned in because advertising. But 75 percent of them said they stop watching after 1-3 episodes if the show’s not good. You can bring viewers in, but quality is still the most important thing.