47% of Users Who Receive Viggle TV Reminders Tune In to a Show

By Natan Edelsburg 

Screen-Shot-2014-05-01-at-3.48.40-PMIn January, social TV platform Viggle acquired Dijit and their NextGuide platform that Lost Remote has covered closely since its inception. Last week Viggle released a new survey showing how users are interacting with TV as a result of their platform. “Viggle TV Reminders drive 47 percent of recipients to tune in to live TV, and 34 percent to watch shows they otherwise would not have watched, says user survey,” the company announced. 

Viggle, who recently celebrated their listing on NASDAQ highlighted how beneficial their Dijit acquisition has been. One of NextGuide’s biggest features were reminders, which are now built into the Viggle product. An extremely interesting part of the survey is what it revealed about email. Here’s what Viggle had to say:

Email Massively Trumps Twitter as Preferred Notification Method


NextGuide Reminder users were surveyed on a variety of communication and notification platforms, including email, SMS, push notification, Twitter and other options. Sixty-eight percent of users indicated email was their first or second choice of notification method. Interestingly, 48 percent of survey respondents indicated Twitter as their least desired form of tune-in reminder notification (only 4 percent selected Twitter as first or second choice).

Viggle is one of the few remaining social TV apps from the 2011-2013 peek of companion apps. The next year will be extremely important for them as they look to redefine what social TV means in the “post-app” era.