’24: Live Another Day’ Elicits Strong Twitter Reaction

By Adam Flomenbaum 

bauerctuWith ‘24: Live Another Day‘ nearing its finale, we reached out to our analytics partner ‘Canvs‘ to examine the reaction to the penultimate episode, which aired Monday. The episode garnered 5,878 reactions out of 23,265 Tweets from 6pmET on July 7 until 1:00amET on July 8. Canvs measures sentiment across tweets, and classifies a ‘reaction’ as a tweet that contains emotional language.

Here are the details:

Emotion breakdown. % of Reactions that expressed different emotions:


-35% Love (2,076 reactions)

-16% Can’t Wait (966 reactions)

-16% Good (932 reactions)

-9% Crazy (548 reactions)

-7% Hate (384 reactions)

-6% Intense (342 reactions)

-6% SMH (338 reactions)

-5% Idiot (292 reactions)

Top Moments

9:00-9:15 – “Can’t Wait” spiked as fans tuned in for the show.

9:10-9:15 – “Intense” spiked when Audrey learned Cheng is alive and President Heller and Audrey learned the US Navy sunk a Chinese aircraft carrier.

9:30-9:35 – “Idiot” spiked. The audience agreed with Jack when he called Mark and idiot for turning the Russians on to him.

9:55-10:00 – “Crazy” spiked at the end of the episode.

10:05-10:10 – Love spiked as people were already anticipating the next episode


Tweet Source: Nielsen. Relevant Tweets captured from three hours before, during, and three hours after an episode’s initial broadcast, local time. 

Reaction source: Canvs. Mashwork’s Canvs analyzes Tweets about TV to capture emotions within conversation and organizes them into themes called reactions.