Write With Images

By Dianna Dilworth Comment

Stuck with writer’s block?

For writers looking for new inspiration, The Image Language is a new online tool that turns word searches into an array of images using Google Images. The tool translates words, names, quotes and even songs into photos that are sharable through social media. The images respond to different searches, so the results are evolving.

Here is more about the site: “By using the most popular online search engine, we are able to turn the images into a new language. Creating an interactive visual experiment that explores the possibilities of two things: words and images.”

SocialTimes has details about the founders: “The site’s founders, Argentinean copywriter Santiago Luna Lupo and Brazilian art director Mihail Aleksandrov, had worked together at La Comunidad advertising agency before they decided to collaborate on a project to ‘explore the possibilities of two things: words and images.’  Argentinean programmer Nicolás Morell developed the site, which the founders manage via Skype from their respective offices in New York City and Miami.”