Why You Shouldn’t Pitch Your Novel This Week

By Jason Boog Comment

If you’ve been working on your novel all summer long, you might be tempted to pitch agents and other publishing professionals today.  However, after studying vacation data, this GalleyCat editor suggests you wait a week or two before sending out your manuscript.

Using Crowdtap to survey vacation plans, the social media and publicity agency InkHouse figured out the best (August 22) and worst (July 11) weeks to pitch somebody during the summer. As you can see, the first weeks of September are still popular vacation dates. We’ve included their findings below–maybe you can save your email pitch from inbox oblivion.

Check it out: “We asked 1,013 men and woman between the ages of 13 and 75 (the average age of our respondents was 31) when they plan to take vacation this summer … some weeks were more popular than others. Weeks to Avoid: July 11, 18% on vacation, July 25, 11% on vacation, August 1, 11% on vacation, September 5 (week of Labor Day), 10% on vacation, September 12, 13% on vacation. The Best Weeks: August 15, 6% on vacation; August 22, 4% on vacation.” (Via PRNewser)