Wattpad Author Inks Book Deal With St. Martin’s Press

By Dianna Dilworth 

51067091-368-k618968Kara Barbieri, an author that has been successfully posting her work on the digital writing community Wattpad, has inked a book deal with Wednesday Books/St. Martin’s Press.

Editor Eileen Rothschild acquired world rights to White Stag from Ashleigh Gardner at Wattpad. The book, which is part of a trilogy, is about a seventeen-year-old girl who was captured from her village to live as a servant to Goblins. Here is more from the description:

When the Goblin King is defeated in a fight, it ignites an ancient competition to become the next King. The goal is simple: kill the sacred White Stag before the other goblins kill you. Soren sees it as the perfect opportunity to shape Janneke’s acceptance of the goblins’ way and give in to the hatred and violence festering inside of her.

The title generated hundreds of thousands of reads. According to Wattpad, users has spent 6.5x more hours reading White Stag than any other fantasy story on the site.