U.S. Publishing Mission to Cuba Launches in 2016

By Maryann Yin Comment

Cuban Flag (GalleyCat)Three parties have formed a partnership to realize a U.S. Publishing Mission to Cuba: Publishers Weekly, Combined Book Exhibit, and PubMatch. They came together to organize the Havana International Book Fair and a two-day conference that will be attended by members of both American and Cuban publishing industry.

These two events will take place from Feb. 12 to Feb. 17, 2016. The cost of admission has been set at $4,500 per person.

Here’s more from the press release: “The two-day conference focuses on topics of interest to Cuban and American publishers. Three panels are scheduled, which will address editorial issues, particularly about academic and children’s book publishing; digital publishing technology, copyright and distribution; and a gathering of Cuban and Cuban-American literary luminaries, as well as Cuban authors from other parts of the world, and translators.”