Sports Illustrated’s New Book Analyzes Jersey Numbers in Pro Sports

By Dianna Dilworth 

SIDoes a baseball player’s number have anything to do with how good he is? Sports Illustrated has a new book coming out in May dedicated to the analysis of jersey numbers in professional sports.

The photo book presents every number between 00 to 99, highlighting the top athletes across all sports who worn it, and arguing who was the best player to wear the digit.

Check it out: “While Wayne Gretzky may have 99 locked up, who’s the ultimate No. 24? Willie Mays, Jeff Gordon or Kobe Bryant? At 33, would you pick Larry Bird or Kareem Abdul-Jabbar? Is it Mr. Hockey or Teddy Ballgame at 9? Who wins at 12, Tom Brady, Terry Bradshaw or Joe Namath? How about Brett Favre or Bobby Orr at 4?”