Luke Leads the Self-Published Bestsellers List

By Dianna Dilworth 

Luke: A West Bend Saints Romance by Sabrina Paige leads the Self-Published Bestsellers List this week.

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Amazon Self-Published Bestsellers for the Week of August 26, 2015

1. Luke: A West Bend Saints Romance by Sabrina Paige: “There are three things in life I’m damn good at: f**king, jumping out of planes, and chasing forest fires. Settle down? With someone like Autumn Mayburn? Forget it. She’s uptight, smart-mouthed, and hell, she has a kid. She’s ten years older than me.”

2. Hawk by Abigail Graham: “Six years ago, he disappeared. No calls, no texts, not even a postcard. Suddenly he’s back- bigger, badder, and cockier than ever. I want his massive arms wrapped around me. I want him in my bed each time he gives me that smirk. Every time he touches me, I’m ready for him to pin me to the wall and make me scream.”

3. Grind by Joanna Blake: “My name is Chandler but hardly anyone knows it. I go by Candy, and when I dance, I go all the way. Women scream my name and throw their panties at me. I take home any woman I want. Sometimes, I take two.”

4. Claiming Crusher by Jordan Marie: “The moment I saw her I knew I was in trouble. I just didn’t care. Once I knock down her walls and get a taste, I know she’s it. I’ll have her and no one will get in my way—-not even my club. She’s trying to run. That won’t happen. I’ll use whatever I can just to keep her.”

5. Fallen Crest University by Tijan: “Fallen Crest is back with a vengeance! Samantha, Mason, and Logan are all together and united with one common enemy: Park Sebastian, the king of fraternity douchebags.”

6. Trident’s First Gleaming by Stephen Templin: “Former SEAL Chris Paladin leaves SEAL Team Six to become a pastor, but CIA spook Hannah Andrade pulls him back into Special Operations Group, the ultra-secret unit that SEAL Team Six operators and others served under to eliminate bin Laden. Chris and Hannah are joined by Delta Force’s Sonny Cohen to stop a new terrorist threat from launching a deadly cyber-terror against the United States.”

7. Big Sexy Bear by Terry Bolryder: “Katrina is a woman on the run. For years, the evil men that destroyed her sister’s life have been on her trail. And now she’s lost, broken down, and without friends or resources in the middle of nowhere, outside of a tiny town called Bearstone Village. But when it seems like all hope is lost, a mysterious stranger appears and offers help. It doesn’t hurt that the stranger is tall, sexy, and has a smile worth a million bucks. And shares the same name with the Greek god of war.”

8. Big Strong Bear by Terry Bolryder: “Cassie is in trouble, and the only person that can help her is the last person that she wants to ask. Her ex-lover, Hades. Sure, he may be tall, huge, handsome, and deadly, but the man she waited for while he served in the Special Forces hasn’t been the same since he came back, and has done nothing but avoid her ever since.”

9. Wounded Prey by Sean Lynch: “A young girl is snatched from her rural Iowa school in broad daylight. The child is later found murdered, her body hanging from a tree. When retired San Francisco Police Inspector Bob Farrell reads a newspaper account of the horrific crime, he realizes his worst nightmare has come true. The same remorseless predator a government agency stopped him from putting away twenty years before is once more on the loose.”

10. Deacon by Paige Notaro: “But my plane was grounded, and this guy…he looked like he could take me places. He had gorgeous grey eyes, a tongue that cracked like a whip and a body stacked with purpose.”

Smashwords Self-Published Bestsellers for the Week of August 26, 2015

1. 2015 Longhorn Football Prospectus: Thinking Texas Football 

2. Health Promotion Pathways: Applied Activities for the Collegiate Classroom 

3. The Ethical Technologist 

4.  Negotiating for Success: Essential Strategies and Skills by George J. Siedel

5. Digital Media Skills 

6. Teach 

7. Methods of Pulse Differentiation and Assessment 辨脉平脉法 Biàn Mài Píng Mài Fǎ 

8. Science Surprises: Exploring the Nature of Science 

9. Paradigms of Counseling and Psychotherapy 

10. Charmed and Dangerous: Ten Tales of Gay Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy