Request a Free Book Cover: NaNoWriMo Tip #28

By Jason Boog 

A student designer named Fena Lee is taking requests to create book covers for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) participants. One of her covers is pictured, follow this link to see her entire portfolio. Be sure to read the eight different items Lee requires to design a cover.

Here’s more from the site: “hello. i’m taking requests for book covers currently, entirely FREE, as mentioned above, so if you want one, just [CLICK HERE]note that i can only do simple covers, however, since i don’t have the time nor the resources to make some fancy shmancy thing with school and all.  and that i might not follow your specifications 60% of the time – i’ll try my very best, but please try to understand if what i come up with isn’t what you wanted. i’m really sorry for that. REALLY … also, it would be nice if you could drop a critique on my work – i definitely require areas of improvement. THANK YOU.”

This is our twenty-eighth NaNoWriMo Tip of the Day. As writers around the country join the writing marathon this month, we will share one piece of advice or writing tool to help you cope with this daunting project.