Political Cartoonist Launches Kickstarter Project

By Maryann Yin Comment

Political cartoonist and writer Matt Bors hopes to raise $20,000 on Kickstarter for his anthology, Life Begins at Incorporation: Cartoons and Essays by Matt Bors.

Bors, a Pulitzer Prize finalist, has created a 225 page-book with cartoons and human essays that profile all the crazy things about America from the year 2012.  We’ve embedded a video about the project above–what do you think?

Here’s more about the project: “I’ve been drawing political cartoons every week since we stupidly invaded Iraq in 2003. Since then, my work has appeared in papers all across the country and been shared all over the web. I even picked up some prizes this year, like the Herblock. But I’ve never done a collection of my work … Editorial cartoonists are going through tough times with the collapse of old media and paying outlets – yet more people read them than ever before because of the web. I know people still value political satire and that’s what I want to prove with this book.”

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