Only Two Percent of Bloggers Can Make a Living

By Jason Boog Comment


Technorati has indexed 133 million blogs since 2002, but only 7.4 million of those blogs have been updated in the last 120 days. Despite this sprawling network of writers, only two percent of of surveyed bloggers called their blog a “primary source of income.”

Earlier this year, Technorati released its annual State of the Blogosphere report, giving us a peek into the pricing and health of this new writing market. As the print market struggles, these are economic forces that all writers should study.

More people are writing and publishing than at any other point in human history, but only two percent of them can make a living. Even worse, books and writing didn’t even register on the survey’s 18 most popular blogging topics.

Check out these figures:

“The average annual blogger revenue is more than $6,000. However, this is skewed by the top 1% of bloggers who earn $200k+. Among active bloggers that we surveyed, the average income was $75,000 for those who had 100,000 or more unique visitors per month (some of whom had more than one million visitors each month). The median annual income for this group is significantly lower — $22,000.”

(Via Tomorrow Museum)