Noel Coward Handwritten Poem Up For Auction

By Dianna Dilworth 

Nate D. Sanders Auctions has listed a handwritten poem by Noel Coward for bidding on its website this week.

Check it out:

The poem is handwritten by Coward, and dedicated to Mary MacArthur, whom he had known for many years, as she was the daughter of Coward’s close friends, the famed actress Helen Hayes and her husband Charles MacArthur. In 1935, Coward was slated to co-star with Hayes in the film, “The Scoundrel,” which was co-written by MacArthur. Although only Coward was eventually featured in the film, the lifelong friendship between the three remained strong.

Interested parties can bid online by February 26. Bidding starts at $1,500.