New Creative Writing Tracks From Mediabistro

By Franny Goldberg 

Have you always wanted to get published? Now there’s help from Mediabistro in the form of brand new writing tracks. The two tracks- Novel Writing and Magazine Writing– feature three courses that will guide you through the writing process from developing your concept to getting your work published.

Each course in the tracks will cover the key components of writing: writing essentials, your genre or focus and a workshop. Led by a published author or editor, you will receive expert advice and critiques to bring out the best of your writing skills and perfect your work for publication.

Your first course will cover the basics of either writing a novel or a magazine article. Your second course will be a specialty course and will teach you how to write for a specific genre of your choice. In your third, and final course (your workshop), you will work with your advisor to get expert feedback on your writing, learn how to craft the perfect query letter and reach out to literary agents and editors.

Mediabistro’s creative writing tracks will make your dreams of becoming a published author a reality. Get on the right track and get your work published with Mediabistro’s Creative Writing Tracks!