Mad Sweeney Role to Be Recast in the ‘American Gods’ TV Adaptation

By Maryann Yin Comment

American Gods Concept Art (GalleyCat)Sean Harris has left the role of Mad Sweeney in the American Gods TV adaptation. According to Deadline, Harris cited personal reasons for his departure.

Here’s more from Collider: “Harris did work for one week of production before plans changed. The scenes that he filmed will be reshot once a new actor is cast, suggesting that Sweeney is to have a relatively important role in the adaptation.”

Earlier this year, Starz announced several castings: Ian McShane as Mr. WednesdayRicky Whittle as Shadow Moon, and Emily Browning as Laura Moon. The story for this television series will be based on Neil Gaiman’s popular fantasy novel. Gaiman himself will serve as both an executive producer and a screenwriter. (via Digital Spy)